Fast Natural Pain-Relief

Rhuleave-K is a proprietary formula containing natural actives produced by a patented process using SPEED technology to retain its efficacy and create a powerful formula for immediate pain relief. This formula expedites pain relief and helps you to get back to the arena of life.

Rhuleave-K employs proprietary technology to create a synergistic combination of components. Using SPEED these components are uniformly distributed to achieve accurate filled weight and faster action. This formula from Arjuna is scientifically documented with clinical data proving its efficacy in providing immediate pain relief comparable with Acetaminophen (Paracetamol).

A proprietary technology that uses a unique matrix formula to deliver faster results

Instant Pain Relief

Alleviates acute pain with a holistic approach

Alleviates acute pain with a holistic approach

Proven safe even at high dosages

Synergestic anti oxidant activity

Free from side effects like stomach, heart, liver and kidney issues